Warriors SOAR golf outing

Boston Fantasy Baseball

Boston Fantasy Baseball is a popular fantasy sports league among fans of the Boston Red Sox and fantasy baseball enthusiasts.

In this league, participants draft and manage virtual teams of real-life players from the Red Sox and other MLB teams, competing against each other based on the statistical performance of their players.

Participants use their knowledge of baseball and strategy to make trades, acquisitions, and lineup decisions throughout the season to earn points and advance in the standings.

The league provides an exciting and engaging way for fans to stay connected to their favorite team and players while also testing their skills and knowledge against other fans.


Golfing is a sport that offers many benefits for both physical and mental health.

One of the most significant positive effects of golfing is its impact on mental health. The sport provides a unique opportunity to be outdoors, surrounded by nature, which can help reduce stress levels and promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Additionally, golfing requires a high level of focus and concentration, which can help to improve cognitive function and mental clarity.

The social aspect of golfing, such as playing with friends or joining a club, can also provide a sense of community and belonging, which can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

Golfing is an excellent way to improve mental health and wellbeing while also enjoying the physical and social benefits of the sport.

Warriors SOAR golf outing
Warriors SOAR golf outing

Sailing on Lake Champlain

Sailing on Lake Champlain is a popular pastime for many locals and visitors alike.

With over 120 miles of crystal-clear water, the lake provides a stunning backdrop for sailors of all skill levels. From the calm waters of the bays to the open expanse of the lake, there are plenty of opportunities for both leisurely cruises and more challenging sailing experiences.

The lake is also home to several marinas and yacht clubs, offering amenities such as boat rentals, sailing lessons, and social events for sailors to connect with others who share their love for the sport.

Sailing on Lake Champlain provides a unique perspective on the natural beauty of the region, as well as the opportunity to experience the thrill of the wind and waves while enjoying a peaceful and scenic environment.

UVM Men’s Hockey Tickets

UVM Men’s Hockey is a beloved sports team that represents the University of Vermont in the Division I NCAA hockey league.

The team has a long and storied history, dating back to its founding in 1963, and has become a source of pride for the school and its fans.

The team plays its home games at the Gutterson Fieldhouse, a legendary arena that has been the site of many thrilling victories over the years. The team has also produced many successful players, including several who have gone on to play professionally in the NHL.

UVM Men’s Hockey has a passionate and dedicated fan base, with many students, alumni, and community members coming out to support the team at games and events throughout the year. Whether on the ice or off, UVM Men’s Hockey is a cherished part of the university’s history and culture.

Warriors SOAR golf outing
Warriors SOAR golf outing

Weekly Golf Outings

Weekly golf outings are a great way to stay active, improve your game, and spend time with friends or colleagues. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, weekly outings can provide a fun and social environment to enjoy the sport.

These outings can take place at local courses, which offer a variety of playing options, from 9-hole rounds to full 18-hole courses.

Weekly golf outings also provide the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, as many courses offer open play or league opportunities. Additionally, golf outings can be a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind, as the natural beauty of the courses and the focus required for the game can have a calming effect.

All in all, weekly golf outings provide a perfect combination of physical activity, socializing, and relaxation, making it an enjoyable and beneficial activity for all.

Sailing Outings

Weekly sailing outings are a fantastic way to explore the beauty of the waterways, enjoy the thrill of sailing and spend time with friends or family.

These outings can take place on lakes, rivers or oceans, providing a unique opportunity to experience different types of sailing environments.

Sailing outings can also be customized to meet different skill levels, with options ranging from leisurely cruises to more challenging sailing experiences.

Sailing requires a high level of focus, concentration and teamwork, making it a great way to improve communication and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, sailing outings can offer a peaceful and serene environment, which can help to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Sailing outings provide a fun and engaging activity that combines physical activity, teamwork and outdoor adventure, making it an ideal way to spend time with loved ones while also experiencing the beauty of the waterways.

Lake Champlain
Warriors SOAR golf outing


Fishing is a popular activity in Vermont that offers many benefits for both physical and mental health. For many, fishing provides an opportunity to escape the stresses of daily life and connect with nature.

The act of casting a line, waiting for a bite, and reeling in a fish can be a meditative experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness.

Additionally, fishing requires patience, problem-solving, and focus, which can improve cognitive function and mental clarity. Fishing in Vermont offers the added benefit of exploring the state’s many rivers, lakes, and streams, which are known for their natural beauty and tranquility.

The social aspect of fishing, such as joining a local club or participating in a tournament, can also provide a sense of community and belonging. Overall, fishing in Vermont provides an excellent opportunity to improve mental health and wellbeing while enjoying the physical and social benefits of the activity.