The “A” in SOAR stands for “Assistance”


We provide our veterans with additional outlets

Additional Resources

Vermont Paws and Boots –

Vet Center –

VA –

Vermont Veterans Outreach –


VFW Post 782, Burlington, Vermont –

Hope for the Warriors –

Vermont Family Readiness Support –

NEHSA (New England Healing Sports Association) –

VA Recreational Rehab –

PT 360 (Physical Therapy) –

Vermont Adaptive Sports –

American Legion –

WARRIORS SOAR is a significant source of assistance to wounded veterans reintegrating into society.

Mental health support

Wounded veterans often struggle with mental health issues, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety, as a result of their experiences in the military. WARRIORS SOAR also provides mental health support services, such as mentoring, listening and activities, to help wounded veterans cope with these challenges and improve their overall well-being.


Community support

Wounded veterans may feel isolated and disconnected from their communities after returning from service. WARRIORS SOAR gives community support services, such as social events, peer support, and volunteer opportunities, to help wounded veterans build connections and feel supported in their communities.

We are a nonprofit organization that caters to the reintegration of wounded veterans can be a valuable resource for veterans as they navigate the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life. By providing a range of services and support, organizations can help wounded veterans successfully reintegrate and build fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.