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The “O” in SOAR stands for “Outreach”


We provide public awareness of the struggles our warriors are facing as a result of combat operations.

We provide support for our warriors dealing with mental and physical injuries from combat operations.

Furthermore, we contact veterans in need and offer assistance through indoor and outdoor activities.

Outreach is a powerful tool for WARRIORS SOAR that caters to wounded veteran reintegration. Here are a few ways that WARRIORS SOAR uses outreach to further our mission:

Community events

We participate in local community events, such as fairs and festivals, to raise awareness of our mission and connect with potential supporters and veterans in the area. By setting up a booth or tent, the organization provide information about our programs and services and encourage veterans to get involved.

Social media

WARRIORS SOAR uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a wider audience and engage with supporters and veterans online. Social media is a powerful tool for sharing stories and experiences, promoting events and initiatives, and building a sense of community around our mission.

Partnering with other organizations

WARRIORS SOAR partners with other organizations, such as local businesses, and other nonprofits, to reach new audiences and expand our outreach efforts. 

Hosting events

WARRIORS SOAR hosts its own events, such as Golf tournaments, to raise funds and awareness for our mission. These events can be a great opportunity to showcase the organization’s work, connect with supporters and veterans, and encourage community involvement.

Public speaking

WARRIORS SOAR sends representatives to speak at local schools, community centers, and other venues to educate the public about the challenges faced by wounded veterans and the importance of reintegration. These talks are a powerful way to raise awareness, build support, and inspire action.

By using outreach as a tool, WARRIORS SOAR is expanding our reach, connecting with new supporters and veterans, and furthering our mission of helping wounded veterans successfully reintegrate into their communities.