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Mike Ahearn

Fishing Director

Mike Ahearn, a graduate of Vermont Technical College was always interested in aviation, and how the mechanics defying gravity, and getting large aircraft to fly in addition to his patriotism helped him choose a career path in military aviation. Mike was deployed as a US ARMY Blackhawk pilot on several tours to Syria, Iraq and Kuwait. As a pilot, Instructor Pilot, and Maintenance Test Pilot, CWO4 Mike Ahearn logged over 3000 hours flying OH58 Kiowa, UH-1 Huey, and the UH60 Blachawk.

Mike and his crew were responsible for very important missions overseas. He and his squadron were responsible for Medical Evacuations, Armed Escort, and engaging the enemy as required depending upon the mission. On one of his last deployments Mike was injured in a non-flight accident that required his foot and lower leg to be amputated. Mike had to change his focus on flying and leading others in the Army Aviation Community, to doing the best he could to adapt to losing a limb, and remaining physically and mentally fit. After several appointments and medical procedures at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda MD, Mike recovered well, and is an active member in the community at WARRIORS SOAR.

Mike has been the WARRIORS SOAR Fishing Director for the past 2 years. He loves fishing and is very familiar with the Lake Champlain area. He and his wife Jessica, have one child and they reside in Vermont.

Mike Ahearn fishing on a boat