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Dr. Glen A. Russell, D.B.S. B.A.

Director of Ministry and Counseling

Glen is the current pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Winooski, Vt. He has served in his present position as pastor for over eight years.

Glen is the director of Faith Family Counseling. He and his wife Ann Marie have been counseling both individuals, and married couples of all ages, for over twenty years.

Glen retired from military service in 2002 after serving for twenty-one years, retiring from the enlisted ranks as a staff sergeant. He served in various positions both as a active duty soldier and a guardsmen. He spent twelve years as a military policeman, and served in a command headquarters as the inspector on the command inspection team, for nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare.

Glen has been married for 38 years to his wife Ann Marie. They reside in Williston, Vermont. He and his wife have one daughter Alyssa, son-in-law Richard, and grand daughter Charlotte residing in the Richmond Virginia area. Before ministry Glen was in marketing for a construction manufacturing company, serving the Washington DC area of the Mid-Atlantic region.